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Vision and Mission


Providing children with complex special needs an exceptional learning environment.


Enabling students with complex special needs to reach their full potential.


We believe…..
  • that we can make a difference in the quality of life of our children and families;
  • in the value, uniqueness and diversity of the family;
  • that each child has self-worth and value, and should be treated with respect and dignity;
  • that children have the right to develop their full potential through equitable access to services;
  • that all children have a right to learn and be cared for in a safe environment;
  • that the School Authority is just one component of the broader community of organizations working together in a collaborative partnership to provide a continuum of services to children and families;
  • It is the right for staff to work in an environment that promotes respect, encouragement and professional development.
To view the John McGivney Children's Centre School Authority Multi-Year Plan, please refer to the 2021-26 Strategic Plan.