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Our Trustees

2022-2023 School Trustees

Thank you to all the individuals who responded to the November 14, 2022 JMSA Board of Trustees "Call for Applicants". The names of the trustee candidates who were successful in the Board interview process have been submitted to the Minister of Education. The Minister of Education determines if a candidate is appointed.  The JMSA will post updated information on trustee appointments following notification from the Minister.  

To visit the Ontario Public School Boards' Association website, please click here.
Lilian Bahgat

Lilian Bahgat

Board Trustee
Dr. Brenda Roberts-Santarossa

Dr. Brenda Roberts-Santarossa

Brenda has been the principal of the JMCCSA/Secretary to the Board for 14 years. She began her career in education initially as a psychometrist with the Windsor Separate School Board, and later served as a behavioural consultant, elementary teacher, special education teacher, and special education coordinator with the Greater Essex County District School Board. Brenda completed her B.Sc.(Hons) at Acadia University, and her B.Ed., M.A., and Ph.D. at the University of Windsor.
Image of Pam Skillings

Pam Skillings

Acting Chair
Pam retired as the principal of the JMCCSA after 35 years in education. Subsequent to retirement she taught at St. Clair College and worked on a tri-ministry initiative for children and youth who experience mental health issues. She also sits on several not for profit boards of directors including WRH, Family Respite Services, and the House of Sophrosyne. 
Her interests include golfing, reading, babysitting, and traveling.