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Kids are Kids Disability Awareness Program

All Kids Want to Have Friends

It can be difficult for young children to make new friends. For children with physical disabilities, developing friendships can pose unique challenges.

The KAK program is aimed at helping elementary students develop empathy and understanding of children with physical disabilities as well as to help them develop skills for social inclusion. KAK is a classroom based program developed to promote social inclusion for children with special needs who are either integrating into community school for the first time or who are experiencing social difficulties in their community school.

An Educational Consultant and Social Worker from JMCC team up to deliver this highly interactive program that provides general information about disabilities, child-specific information in order to facilitate understanding and acceptance, and brainstorming ideas to promote social inclusion. Parents and the child provide details regarding the type of information that they would like shared with the class.

The Program

This 40-minute program includes a general discussion about disabilities, a short video entitled "Kids Just Want To Have Fun" (P.D. Associates, 2006) highlighting children with special needs interacting in various social situations, information sharing to promote increased understanding and acceptance, and an interactive discussion on ways students can include others with disabilities in their social and academic interactions both in and outside of school. Age-appropriate books about children with disabilities as well as a classroom resource package are provided to the classroom teacher.

For younger grades (ages 3-6) who are interested in learning more about disabilities, the KAK program can lend out age-appropriate books for teachers to add to their classroom library.


Children ages 7+ that have a physical disability and are receiving support services from the John McGivney Children's Centre can be referred. Parents, educators and JMCC therapists can make a referral.

To make a referral or to find out more information contact Amanda Laforet, Educational Consultant at 519-977-2205.

Please see the brochure below.