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The Arts


Welcome back to my returning students and a BIG hello to all of our new students and families. I am Mrs.Targachoff (the students know me a Mrs. T) and I will be teaching your children Art, Music and Drama this year. 

Students will be provided the opportunity to listen, perform and explore music and music concepts. Students will be encouraged to get involved in the creative art process and learn proper terminology and some will go on to deeper concepts that they began in previous years. 

In Drama we play a lot yes, this is okay. We think sometimes play should be left to lunch time or the schoolyard, however in drama we play with scripts, props, costumes and even our minds. From play stems some of our best material.

The arts promotes the use of our own imagination, creates social skills, decision making, risk taking and motor skills. The arts connects students with their own culture as well as with the world. 

I am eager and excited to be on this journey with your amazing children and look forward to meeting you.


Our Art
Our Art

I believe that ART can
transmit joy
I believe that ART can
transform sorrow
I believe that ART can
change minds
I believe that ART can
heal hearts
I believe that ART is magic
Credit to: Ibelieveinart.com