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Mrs Wirag's Classroom

Welcome to CLASS 2's Early Years Classroom

"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning"~ Mr. Rogers
Class 2 will be focusing on academic, social and personal development in a structured learning environment as well as through various forms of play. We will be learning to work with some independence and how to work and participate in small and large groups. Centres, whether it is Math, Science or Art related, will give us opportunities to physically explore things and to discover things when manipulating them. Our room is a calm and safe place for the students to thrive and grow individually and as a community. Safety and creativity will be also be a major focus this year. Safety, to ensure our students are in a clean and healthy environment with personal hand washing and disinfection. Creativity and teamwork is important in supporting our early years program, to provide engaging and enriching individual and small group learning opportunities. We can't wait to see all our friends in Class 2! 

Mrs. Wirag

Class 2 Daily  Schedule

9:00- 9:15 Classroom routine- bathroom, attendance, news from home, hand washing

9:15-9:45  Center Activities

9:45-10:45 - Literacy/Numeracy/Communication Focused Circletime and TELL Literacy Program

10:45-11:20  Movement and Music (in gym or outdoors) 

11:30-12:30   Lunch/Lunch recess

12:30-1:00   Guided Play

1:00-1:30 Art/Science Centres

1:30-2:00 Small Group Develomental Learning Groups

2:00-2:10 Snack, Handwashing and Communication

2:10- 3:00 The Arts with Miss T

3:00 -Hometime dismissal 

Mrs Wirag, Miss Nadine and  Miss Rabiya
Mrs Wirag, Miss Nadine and Miss Rabiya
Class 2
Class 2

What We Are Learning

Welcome to Class 2! 
September - we have already begun to learn about ourselves and each other as we venture into this new year. We will soon be sharing our All About Me pages. This is always so exciting because we discover all the surprising things that we have  in common, such as  favourite colours,  foods, TV shows and people in our families. We have also  begun our inquiry into colours! What a perfect time of year for it, with all the colours changing and colourful seasonal objects, like apples, leaves and pumpkins. Stay tuned for all the excitement in Class 2!
October- We have been certainly been enjoying the beautiful weather this fall season. On our walks, we are discovering changes in the leaves as well as the different sizes and colours of pumpkins and gourds. There are lots of treasures (bugs, sticks, squirrels) that we discover and observe each day. We even sorted our differnt colour leaves we collected! This month, we have also begun our TELL book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear. This program allows us to practice letter sounds, colour recognition and core/sight words. Watch us discover the world around us!
November- This month, we will be focusing on shapes - creating art with them, going on shape hunts, singing and exploring them as we find them in the world around us. Our new TELL literacy book is I Went Walking. This book is a fun tale about meeting some colourful animals on a walk as well as focusing on core/sight words. We also hope to sort some more fall items by colour and size as we have so many wonderful sticks and pinecones. 
December- We have so much to celebrate this month- Hanukkah, Christmas and beautiful winter weather! During Hanukkah, we read books and listened to instrumental Hanukkah music. It was challenging and fun to make delicate tissue stars as well as yummy star and heart shaped Rice Krispie treats. We played with a dreidel and counted/ordered the candles on our class made menorah. We love to try new things so we also enjoyed latkes that Mr. Wirag made for us :) This month has also given us lots of different weather and we have enjoyed going outside to explore and look for more sticks for our classroom activities. Class 2 never seems to have enough sticks!
January/February- We started the new year in  our Google classroom and we had a lot of fun with gingerbread cookie people and meeting everyone's pets at home. When we came back into the school, it was so wonderful to see eveyone again! We got right to work on completing some fun Blue Jay baseball challenges and learning about the different equipment pieces to play the game. In February, Class 2 is celebrating Lunar New Year, Valentine day and Kindness day. We love celebrations in Class 2.  It finally snowed and it is so exciting! We went sledding down the hill at school and then created a winter mural of the winter wonderland outside. 
March - We have been learning about arctic animals - their names, the sounds they make, how big they are compared to us and the environment that they live in. Our class enjoyed making colourful ice art ornaments, as well as shape bird feeders which we hung outside our window for all to enjoy. Spring is just around the corner and we can't wait!
April - Spring is here! We are very excited to explore during our transportation inquiry- lots of fun with sensory bins, books, car garages and songs/dance. We will be participating in some science/literacy activities through Let's Talk Science. This month we are also participating in the Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies initiative with Greater Essex. Our class loves to move and loves to cook and eat! So much fun ahead of us we can hardly wait :)
May - We have been enjoying the spring weather and discovering changes and new critters when outside. The birds, insects and worms have been busy! We have begun planting seeds for tomatoes, basil, lavender, sage and lettuce. So exciting to get them ready to be planted outside in our new classroom planter. We also have new friends that will soon hatch in the classroom. There are 12 eggs that we have been incubating and caring for so that they will hatch into CHICKS. This is so exciting learning about eggs and the development of chickens. We can't wait to hear them say Cheep Cheep:)
So much learning and discovery with our friends.
June  This month, we welcomed 3 new chicks (Bear Paw, Spicy Buffalo and Chips) to our classroom.  After 2 weeks of caring for them, we had to say good bye  to them as they went to live with other big chickens that lay eggs on the farm. Our class continues to learn about plants as we water and care for our raised bed class planter. Can't wait to taste the basil, tomatoes and beans we planted! We are excited to enjoy some fun water play and science experiments as we wind down a year full of learning and adventure :)

I know that bees are yellow and black. I can make black lines on my bee and count them too!
The bees made this honey in their hive. Let's taste it to see if we like it or not.
Look! I found a picture of a butterfly on our insect find and match game.
I wonder how many of our seeds are sprouting? Look at them grow!
We made a vine bridge. We take turns going under the bridge we built.
How many bees are in this hive?
I can water the plant all by myself. The seeds need soil, sun AND water!
We refill the bird feeder every other day. We watch and count the birds outside of our classroom.