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School Staff

Each of our classrooms provides our student positive learning experiences provided by educational teams comprised of a highly qualified Teacher and Educational Assistant. These classroom teams are augmented by the specialized skills of  a Deaf Blind Intervenor and a Communicative Disorders Assistant. The classroom staff are supported by the School Principal, an Educational Consultant, a Business Manager and an Administrative Assistant. Additional supports are provided by a JK/SK Support staff and a team of Lunch Aides.

Staff Name Position
Brenda Roberts-Santarossa School Principal
Amanda Laforet Educational Consultant
Patricia Leblanc-Jaeger Business Manager
Jenna John   Communicative Disorders Assistant
Luisa Pace Administrative Assistant
Staff Name Position
Mrs. Winiarski Class 1 Teacher
Mrs. Kubinec Class 2 Teacher
Mrs. Wirag Class 3 Teacher
Mrs. Smith Class 4 Teacher
Ms. Spadafora Class 5 Teacher
Mrs. Targachoff Rotary Teacher
Staff Name Position
Mrs. Garant Educational Assistant
Mrs. Ruthven Educational Assistant
Mrs. Tetley Educational Assistant
Mrs. Werstein Educational Assistant
Mr. Zeman Educational Assistant
Mrs. Zerbin Educational Assistant
Miss. McDonald Educational Assistant
Miss. Babula Educational Assistant 
Miss. Joinville 
ECE Classroom Support