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The Arts


Welcome to the arts page. I am Mrs.Targachoff and I have the privilege of teaching your children art, music and drama. Our students participate in 50 minutes of arts activities daily. Experiencing art, drama and music on a daily basis, positively benefits many aspects of student learning. The arts helps foster Creativity, Confidence, Inclusion, Communication and Problem-solving skills, just to name a few. I incorporate other aspects of the curriculum, including literacy, numeracy and 21st century learning whenever possible.
I have incorporated a variety of sensory based items, various props and encourage gross motor movement whenever possible. During our music classes students will explore the sounds of various instruments and will create some of their very own instruments using materials we use in our daily lives. They will also experience different genres and styles of music that our represented in various cultures around the world. I hope to bring in some local talent throughout the year to further our interest and love for music. During drama students will be introduced to different plays, stories and poems. We will act some out as well as create some beautiful art to go along with the stories.

I look forward to sharing pictures and activites with you throughout the year.

Happy Creating,

Mrs. T  

Ms. Targachoff
Ms. Targachoff

October Newsletter
Recycle club/Yearbook
November Newsletter

Camping fun!
Drama unit: Camping
We have had a blast learning about camping.
Karaoke fun!
Our Christmas Concert
Happy Holidays!!! We have been very busy this month.
Look at these amazing pieces of art

Melting Snowman
Constructing a Snowman
Hand print Christmas trees
A special gift to you! Created by your amazing children.
It's that time!!!
Last week we worked very hard making poppies by using potatoes. We stamped the potatoes in red paint then onto paper for the look of a poppy. They turned out beautiful!
We also played a fun game! Roll a feeling. What ever feeling they landed on after rolling the dice they acted that feeling out. Here a student is acting out sad
We were Doctors today in drama class
It started to rain in our class so my students let me know that they needed an umbrella.
Feelings week ( Nov 12-15)
This week we started discussing our feelings and what to do when you need to feel better! Mrs. T keeps saying "feelings come and feeling go, but they are all apart of me"
we also took turns decorating an interactive pumpkin
Once we picked our pumpkins out of the pumpkin patch we did a school wide collaborative art project of rolling pumpkins
Mrs.T's pumpkin patch! All of our students were able to go into my pumpkin patch and choose the pumpkin of their choice
I brought in pumpkins for each student to decorate and paint. They enjoyed making funny faces and using hats and glasses to complete their pumpkins.
Each class worked together to make one beautiful piece of art. We used pumpkins dipped in paint to roll over the white canvas
My Halloween door
Exploring art on our SMART Board
Making a spooky witches brew
Lets make a face
Our First Recycle club meeting
Exploring different sounds
Children retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs
More acting out of The Three Little Pigs
Children loved using a blow dryer while acting out the big bad wolf.
I will huff and I will puff....
Our pretty wall of our masterpieces "The Dot"
It's a great book for those of you that haven't heard of it!!
This week we worked really hard learning about what beat is and how to keep a beat. we also learned about a tool to help us keep the beat? A metronom
turkey play-dough
pumpkin play-dough
Pumpkin pie smelling play-dough
Octaband fun! we pulled fast and slow to different genres of music
Lulu our talking bear! we love when she reads us stories
Feeling cold oatmeal to go along with Goldilocks and the three little bears
Flannel stories
Making our special dot to go with the story 'The Dot'
Learning about mixing primary colours
Primary colour mixing
working on the Goldilocks and the three little bears
Making our very own puppet show ,
Goldilocks and the three little bears
Acting out Goldilocks and the three little bears
Working on our dot from the story 'The Dot'