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The Arts


Welcome to the arts page. I am Mrs.Targachoff and I have the privilege of teaching your children art, music and drama. Our students participate in 50 minutes of arts activities daily. Experiencing art, drama and music on a daily basis, positively benefits many aspects of student learning. The arts helps foster Creativity, Confidence, Inclusion, Communication and Problem-solving skills, just to name a few. I incorporate other aspects of the curriculum, including literacy, numeracy and 21st century learning whenever possible.
I have incorporated a variety of sensory based items, various props and encourage gross motor movement whenever possible. During our music classes students will explore the sounds of various instruments and will create some of their very own instruments using materials we use in our daily lives. They will also experience different genres and styles of music that our represented in various cultures around the world. I hope to bring in some local talent throughout the year to further our interest and love for music. During drama students will be introduced to different plays, stories and poems. We will act some out as well as create some beautiful art to go along with the stories.

I look forward to sharing pictures and activites with you throughout the year.

Happy Creating,

Mrs. T  

Ms. Targachoff
Ms. Targachoff

During the Month of October:

  • We continued with colour recognition and colour mixing
  • Giving thanks, making pumpkin pie smelling playdough, turkey races
  • Feelings and what to do when someone is feeling cold, sick, hungry etc..
  • introduction to dance , how does the music make you feel, anyone can dance if they have the right song
  • learning new songs and using our instruments to go with them
  • learning actions songs such as 'pumpkin pumkin' 
  • Flannel stories based around counting pumpkins
  • Various fun games to get students motivated and have a brain break


Pumpkin racing
My trick or treat station had three pumpkins that read...
Do you dare to smell...
Do you dare to look...
Do you dare to touch...
Some fun games! Knock the ghost down.
Mrs.T's Pete the cat and her 38 pumpkins
Mrs. T was Jessie today!
Then we painted our pumpkins
Decisions! which pumpkin will it be?
We were full of smiles choosing our pumpkins
The student's enjoyed Mrs.T's Pumpkin Patch located in our very own gym.
It's that time of year!
Do you dare to knock???
Welcome Jessica our new CEO . The students and I made a beautiful banner for Jessica's welcome party!
We had our 2nd annual turkey races!! So many smiles.
We made pumpkin pie play-dough. Did it ever smell yummy!
We played hide and seek with our friend Tyson the turkey. The children LOVED this game.
We worked on some Thanksgiving AAB and ABA patterns last week
Our Friday art project was placing two colours into the box and guessing what colour they would make. We used marbles and our Sphero to mix up the paint.
Shaking our two colours just like in the book
We read the story called 'Mix it up!' by Herve Tullet.
We followed the story step by step and watched and learned about mixing primary colours into secondary colours
We had to put clean socks on LuLu to go with our story
Our friend LuLu read 'Smelly Socks' to us on Friday! The children were happy to see him after a long summer vacation.
We washed all of Mrs.T's smelly socks and they smelled to fresh and clean !
We read the story 'Smelly Socks' by Robert Munsch. We smelled a variety of socks that included onions, garlic, parmesan cheese, lemon and lime. They were stinky
Yuck Mrs. T your socks smell!
Then we finished the day by a brain break game called 'Stacking hats' We stacked 6 hats before they fell. We had everyone laughing and wanting to play again and again!
Then we created our very own silly hats.
We read the story 'Mrs. Honey's Hat' and decided that Mrs. T should make a story called 'Mrs. T's School Hat'
In this story children listened for the item and placed it on Mrs.T's hat. This was a success !
Searching for straight lines in our sensory bins
Tracing lines
We even made lines using chalk
We started our first Art unit learning about lines (straight,curved,
zigzag lines)