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Mrs Wirag's Classroom

Welcome to CLASS 3's Early Years Classroom

"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning"~ Mr. Rogers
Class 3 will be focusing on academic, social and personal development in a structured learning environment as well as through varying forms of play. They will be learning to work with some independence and how to work and participate in small and large groups. Centres, whether it is Math, Science or Art related, will give us opportunities to physically explore things and to discover things when manipulating them. Our room is a calm and safe place for the students to thrive and grow individually and as a community.

Mrs. Wirag

Class 3 Daily  Schedule

9:00- 9:15 Classroom routine- bathroom, attendance, news from home

9:15-9:50 Literacy/Communication Focused Circletime

9:50-10:40 The Arts with Miss T

10:40-10:55 Literacy/Communication Circletime continued

10:55- 11:30 Guided Play 

11:30-12:30   Lunch/Lunch recess

12:30-1:00   Guided Play

1:00-1:30 Small Group -Developmental Learning Groups

1:30-2:00 Math/Science/Art Centres

2:00-2:15 Snack and Communication

2:15- 2:50  Physical Movement /Gross Motor or Tech Time

2:50 Ready for home – news for home, coats on, back into wheelchairs

3:00 Dismissal

Mrs Wirag and Carrie
Mrs Wirag and Carrie
Class 3
Class 3

What We Are Learning

Hello Fall!  We have been exploring all things fall in our classroom. We have tasted, painted and sang about apples.  Leaves were fun to paint and to build our own fall tree. Our sensory bins all full of fall items to touch and smell and explore! Pumpkins will be our next object to introduce in the classroom. The students have had a lot of fun using these seasonal objects in fun and unusual ways. Please check the website often so that you can enjoy pictures of the students which will document how they grow and learn in Class 3.

I am a fall scarecrow
Chase! Chase is on the case!
Argggh..Ahoy matey!
Its Mario!
Finding ways to make the Code A Pillar move
Someone LOVES fall