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Mrs Wirag's Classroom

Welcome to Mrs Wirag and April's Classroom

"Learning is about relationships, most of which are found while making discoveries"
Class 2 students are all about building those relationships with each other and with the world around them.  We are learning to work with some independence and how to work and take turns in a group.  Centres, whether it is Math or Science or Art related, give us opportunities to physically explore thnigs and to try things when manipulating them.  Our room is a calm and safe place for the students to develop interpersonal skills, physical development and academic skills.  These are exciting days ahead for all of us :)

Mrs. Wirag

Class 2 Daily  Schedule

8:55 – 9:10 Classroom routine- bathroom, attendance, new from home

9:10-9:30 Guided play

9:30-9:45 Snack

9:45-10:35 The Arts with Miss M

10:35-11:20   Circletime and Literacy

11:25-12:25   Lunch/Lunch recess

12:25-1:00   Guided Play

1:00-2:00   Centers (Art, Math or Science)

2:00-2:40   OT Activities/Gross Motor

2:40-2:55 – Ready for home – news for home, coats on, back into wheelchairs


Mrs Wirag and April
Mrs Wirag and April
Class 2
Class 2

What We Are Learning

This month we are learning about the changes that we see, touch, smell and hear in season of fall.  We have also been working on our personal numeracy 1-10 booklet.- lots of things to count and include in our math booklet.  Each week we learn about 1-2 letters and their sounds :)

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