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Mrs Winiarski's Classroom

Welcome to Mrs. Winiarski & Nadine's


The Wonderful World of Class 1

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn."

- Benjamin Franklin


Dear Class 1 families,

The children have settled quickly into classroom routines and expectations. Friendships are forming and learning is being demonstrated by the children in our class. Our year promises to be full of fun, learning, laughter, and lots of adventures!

A great feature of our new JMCCSA website is our photo gallery. Our Class 1 web page will showcase and celebrate some of our wonderful learning. Please take some time to view our photo gallery.  Our class website will also feature our monthly newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you ever have any questions or concerns about school!

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!


Mrs. Win & Nadine      


Class 1 – A Sneak Peek into Our Day

9:15-10:15am:  Literacy Learning Activities & Occupational Therapy Goals

10:15-10:35am:  Morning Circle

10:35-11:25am:  Music & Art with Mrs. Mac

11:25-12:25pm:  Lunch Time

12:25-12:45pm:  Sensory Stimulation / Quiet Play Time with Friends

12:45-1:30pm: Math Learning Activities: Independent & One on One work

1:30-2:00pm:  Afternoon Circle

2:00-2:45pm:  Learning Centres (Mon, Wed, Fri)

2:15-2:50pm:  Gym: Physio Therapy Goals (Tues, Thurs)

2:45-2:55pm: Prep for home time


Mrs Winiarski
Mrs Winiarski

What We Are Learning in Class 1


Creating Learning Environments

Class 1 will be spending time working in centre activities that relate to curriculum expectations. During centers your child will have a chance to learn both independently and with staff support.  This is a ‘play time’ that is structured around our theme of the month.  Some centers are play and some are academic.  The students will work on social skills and explore the world around them.  This means getting along with others, sharing, and interacting in small groups.  Centers time is when we observe social skills as a whole class and on an individual basis.  At this time, we also work on skills with your child one-on-one. It’s a very busy, but much needed time.


It may not feel like Spring quite yet, but Spring is in the air in Class 1! To integrate the Spring theme in our class centres, our kids will be exploring with different sensory materials and water. Our sensory table will be filled with potting soil, seeds and flowers. We are going to focus on the life cycle of plants, including planting seeds for each child to care for; creating our very own classroom sunflower garden! We will also be exploring wind and rain! By experiencing the wind, children will begin to understand the winds power to move things. By exploring the rain, children will begin to understand how it helps to support the growth of new life in nature.

Much of this wonderful learning will continue to be shared with Class 2! Therefore, Literacy and Sensory groups will continue for the remainder of the school year on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Looking forward to some more fun with Class 2!

We are also looking forward to our play and explore time outdoors, once the warm weather arrives!

Please make sure to check your monthly newsletters and the school website for all the wonderful events planned! Field trips begin this month and we are so excited! Also, our class website photo gallery is updated monthly as well. Please take a look at all the adorable photos!

Here's to a sensational spring!


The Class 1 Team!


Fun Links


Go Madison!
Bowling fun with our Class 2 friends!
Exploring bubble wrap.
Bubble Wrap painting.
Go Jacob Go!
What a beautiful performance by the Windsor Symphony Orchestra! Thank you, Mrs. Mac for arranging this for all our students!
So many smiles!
The kids loved Sailor Sue!
Carnival Fun Day!
Happy Birthday, Bilal!
Some Bunny Loves You!
Rest & Reading Time!
Q-Tip raindrops
Car racing time!
Marble bunnies
Squish the word bug!
Fishing with Class 2!
Way to go, Noah!
Story time with Mrs. Nadine.
Watching the trucks outside!
Checking out the classroom Code-A-Pillar
Pretty in Pink!
Number match!
Spelling words.
Name time!
Music with Mrs. Mac!
Painting with Gillian!
Math time for Filip!
Sensory Time!
The boys loved following the bubbles in the light tube.
Madison loved the sensory tube!
Happy Retirement, Mrs. M! We will miss you VERY much!
Friends learning and playing together.
Number find.
Mrs. M and Class 1 presenting their Holiday song! They did a FANTASTIC job!
Look at all those smiles!
Mama and Madison!
Lots of laughs on Family Day!
Bilal The Red Nose Reindeer!
Making sandwiches.
Hi Noah!
Hi Bilal!
Letter matching
Making Music
Keep going, Madison!
Colour bear sort
Found the eyeball!
Searching for eyeballs!
Squish the word bug!
Colour match
Your FDK Team!
Class 1 Winning Pumpkin!