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Ms Spadafora's Classroom

Welcome to Class 5

Teacher: Ms. Spadafora 
Educational Assistants: Tracy Garant, Dave Zeman
Deaf / Blind Intervener: Michelle Joinville
Lunchaide: Sue Mandolfo

Welcome to Class 5!

Our students have settled into the new school year with ease, and it is evident that we are going to have a school year filled with lots of fun, learning and adventures!   Check back monthly to see what we are learning, to read our classroom newsletter and to check out our class photographs. Classroom newsletters will be posted at the end of each month, consolidating our learning for the month. Please be sure to check and return your child's communication book regularly. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hestiate to contact us! 

Class 5 Team

About Our Program 

Our program in Class 5 consists of many different learning opportunities for students to explore core communication and sensory based literacy and math experiences in whole group, and small group settings. Core communication is a large aspect of our program, as students participate in core language daily through modelling core communication boards and devices such as Step-by-Steps and GoTalks. Students participate in whole group and small group settings throughout the day promoting classroom unity and explicitly teaching based on individal learning plans. In whole group learning, students partake in turn taking and communication through sensory exploration of stories and to teach or reinforce new skills and concepts. Small group learning focuses on students' individual learning plans where specific skills are taught explicitly through differentiated instruction. 

Class 5 Schedule 

9:00-9:45 Morning Circle
9:45-10:20 Therapy Bins
10:20-10:55 Small Group Literacy/Music Therapy (Wednesday)
10:55-11:30 Physical Education/Physiotherapy Goals
11:30-12:30 Lunch 
12:30-1:00 Technology/Robotics/Small Group Speech Therapy (Wednesdays)
1:00-1:30 Sensory Circle
1:30-2:10 Small Group Math 
2:10-3:00 The Arts with Mrs. T
3:00 Dismissal


Ms Spadafora
Ms Spadafora
Class 5 Team
Class 5 Team

What we are learning...

Now that we are back from the holiday break, we will be beginning a unit into the changes we see in winter and will begin our winter sensory stories such as "Polar Bear, Polar Bear" and "The Mitten". We have been focusing on using our devices with our target core vocabulary word. This month our core words are "more".
Our students have been working diligently on their Physiotherapy & Occupatiotnal Therapy goals. We have seen strength and determination in each of our students as they work on acheiving their goals for the school year!

We have lots of exciting adventures coming up soon, so check our class site often to see what we have been learning in Class 5! 

Winter assembly fun.
Visits from Santa
Evelina & Nurse Jake in their matching Christmas sweaters!
Some of our new gifts from Santa!
Making salt dough ornaments.
Air mattress fun!
Bowling at our Winter assembly
All ready for the Holiday concert
All ready for the holiday concert!
Painting Christmas trees with Sphero.
Playing with our friends during floor time.
Exploring Ms. Michelle's Christmas sensory bin.
Decorating our Classroom tree with our sensory ornaments.
Exploring the sound of a jingle bell.
Working on our goals using the light table.
Working on our goals using digital systems
Working on our goals using digital systems
Maddy & Evelina playing during floor time.
Our first snowfall, Maddy did not like the feeling of the cold snow.
Our first snowfall, Evelina loved to feel the snow.