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Ms Perlin's Classroom

Welcome to Ms Perlin and Mrs Ruthven's Classroom!

Welcome to Class 3. We are frequently updating this site so please come back and check our updates - especially our photo section below to get a sneak peek at what we are doing from day to day. Our schedule has been posted for your convenience. Please be sure to check and return your child's communication book on a regular basis for communication purposes. If you know your child will be absent from class, please call the office or let me know through the communication book. Of course, if you have any questions or feedback we are always happy to listen.

Ms Perlin
Ms Perlin
Mrs Ruthven
Mrs Ruthven

What We Are Learning

December Objectives:

  • Continue to sequence and make predictions based on evidence from the story.
  • Make personal connections to a story (ex. "That reminds me of..." or "That happened to me!")
  • Practice letter names and sounds - we have worked on a, m, t, s, b and the word "the"
  • Sounding out words based on the above letter sounds (ex. at, mat, sat)
  • Asking and responding to Who? What? When? questions
  • Comparing sizes: Tall/Long and Short and measuring with non-standard units
  • Identifying textures (rough/smooth, hard/soft) Sorting Items "IN" and "OUT" of a bag or box
  • Maintaining eye contact, raising our hands before speaking
How to help your child at home:
  • Review shapes you see in everyday life  - rectangles, circles, triangles,  squares, ovals
  • Review colours - name and identify red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, grey, white, black, brown
  • Calendar and Seasons - especially what yesterday was, what tomorrow will be, what month or season we are in, what the year is.
  • Encourage your child to make a reasonable prediction based on the cover of a book before reading a new story. Encourage him/her to tell you what might happen next
  • Encourage your child to tell the beginning middle and end of a story you just read by showing the pictures if needed.
  • Encourage your child to connect with literature (ex. Have you ever felt the way this character did? What does this story remind you of?)

December Newsletter:


Fun Links


A lovely October day in the healing garden
Assembling Mr. Potato Head
Assembling Mr. Potato Head
Assembling Mr. Potato Head
Participating in the gathering at the Healing Garden. A beauty of a day!
Healing garden ceremony
Healing candles
In the garden, we feel peace and comfort.
Enjoying puppy visitors to class 3!