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Miss Laforet's Classroom

Welcome to Class 5!

About our Program

Our program consists of many opportunities for students to explore math and literacy in whole class, small group and indepedent learning settings. During whole class learning, students engage with their classmates, participate in group discussions and practice turn taking. In our classroom, we use whole group learning circles to read stories and teach or reinforce new skills and concepts. Small group learning is ideal for teaching specific skills to a few students focusing on individualized differentiated instruction. Individual learning gives each child opportunities to work on activities based on their individual learning plans. Technology and play based learning are often used in independent learning as a motivational tool. 

Another huge part of our program is core communication. Core language is modelled for the students consistently throughout the day using both a communication board and Vantage. Students are also encouraged to use core communication in their daily interactions through oral language, core communication boards, Minspeak devices and Step by Steps. 

Mrs. Tracy, Ms. Laforet & Mr. Dave
Mrs. Tracy, Ms. Laforet & Mr. Dave
Our students :)
Our students :)

What We Are Learning

We had a great start to the 2017-2018 school year! Our main focus in September was getting to know each other, building an inclusive classroom community and developing a routine. During our morning circles, we have been learning about each others families, pets and personal perferences such as our favourite colour and favourite food. We have really enjoyed getting to know all of the students in the classroom and are eager to continue to get to know them throughout the year.

In October, we are learning to read Vantage and Boardmaker modified texts on our Minspeak devices and Step by Steps. This activity has led to a lot of great conversations! The students have answered "wh" questions based on texts that they have read and have also begun to work on sequencing stories. Students have also been learning to write journals using sentence starters such as "I like" on their Minspeak talkers. Some of the students using boardmaker symbols have begun to use core language or to choose between two picture phrases to describe photos of themselves. Our weekly journals have been a source of pride for many of our students. They have really enjoyed sharing their work with the class as well as listening to the journals other classmates have written.

In November, we are going to be focusing on measurement. During whole group math lessons, students will be exposed to various types of measurement (ex. time, temperature, length) and student's small group and independent math activities will be based on each child's specific IEP measurement goals. In literacy, we will be starting both the Balanced Literacy program and a modified version of the Kindergarten PALS Reading program. Balanced Literacy is a program that focuses on early literacy instruction for beginning readers. It integrates guided reading, supported writing, word study and phonics activities built around an animal theme. PALS is a highly structured literacy program that focuses on letter-sound correspondence, decoding, phological awareness and sight words. All students will do both programs in whole group lessons, with some students doing additional work in small group activities or independently.

October Newsletter

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Working with Mrs. Tracy
Making a jack-o-lantern
Trick or Treating
Our class put on the Remembrance Day assembly.
In November, we learned about soliders and how they fought for our freedom.
We learned the core word in and out and practiced them by putting our hands in and out of a pumpkin.
Before we put our hands in the pumpkin, we made predictions about if it would feel hot or cold.
Dressing up on Halloween is so much fun!
Halloween at JMCC was so much fun! We made a lot of Halloween crafts to decorate our classroom, handed out candy to the preschool kids and went trick or treating.
Our class on Halloween.
Decorating a pumpkin.
Counting from 1-10 using manipulatives.
Mr. Potoato Head with Mrs. M.
Making puffy ghosts to hang in our classroom for Halloween.
Enjoying a cupcake.
Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing cupcakes with your friends.
Lacing mummies combines an OT goal and a Halloween craft.
Check out this Lexia Core 5 Superstar!
Congratulations! Keep up the good work.
Learning about different types of families with Angela and Katie.
Listening to book in Arabic on Unite for Literacy
Learning quantity to 3.
Each morning the students wash their hands and face - goodbye germs!
Math time! Can you sort these blocks based on big and small?
1-1 Correspondence to 10.
In music, the students are learning to move their instruments at different paces to make different sounds.
"Watch this! I don't even have to pick it up all the way to make music."
After reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, we worked on letter identification when given two choices. Mrs Laforet held up two letters in the alphabet and students tried to identify which letter was called out.
After reading the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, we painted palm trees and then stamped alphabet letters
Everyday two students get to hold our Canadian flags during O' Canada. Students request a turn orally, through gestures or using their devices.
We are learning to use our talkers to read Vantage modified books.
Exploring Play McGivney. The students love the new accessible playground.
A favourite OT activity. We also use to it reinforce core language such as "go," "stop," and "turn."
Mr. D brought in his two puppies Stella and Lucy.
The next day, Ms. Laforet printed off the students pictures with the puppies and they used their Minspeak devices and communication boards to write about their experience.
Look at the excitement on his face!
The students really enjoyed interacting with the puppies.
Music class with Mrs. M
Students love using their walkers in the gym.
Puzzles are a great way to enhance our fine motor skills.
After I took this picture, the tower fell down. "Can I see the picture so I can rebuild it?"
Mrs. Tracy is practicing the core word "go" using toys as a motivational tool with this student.
Building strong arms by pulling suction cups off the cabinet.
Dancing in the gym to "Baby, Baby."
This student loves gym time!
Look at that level of concentration as she practices her OT goals.
Reading "The Big Cat" to a small group of students in the classroom.
Working on the Lexia Core 5 reading program