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Mr Cadieux's Classroom

Welcome to Class 4!

Teacher: Mr Cadieux
Educational Assistant: Carrie
Float Educational Assistant: Courtney

About our Program

Our program consists of many opportunities for students to explore math and literacy in whole class, small group and indepedent learning settings. During whole class learning, students engage with their classmates, participate in group discussions and practice turn taking. In our classroom, we use whole group learning circles to read stories and teach or reinforce new skills and concepts. Small group learning is ideal for teaching specific skills to a few students focusing on individualized differentiated instruction. Individual learning gives each child opportunities to work on activities based on their individual learning plans. Technology and play based learning are often used in independent learning as a motivational tool. 

Another huge part of our program is core communication. Core language is modelled for the students consistently throughout the day using both a communication board and Vantage. Students are also encouraged to use core communication in their daily interactions through oral language, core communication boards, Minspeak devices and Step by Steps. 


Our Schedule

Timetable Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:30 OT Bins OT Bins OT Bins OT Bins OT Bins
9:30-10:00 Morning Circle Morning Circle Morning Circle Morning Circle Morning Circle
10:00-10:30 Literacy Circle Literacy Circle Literacy Circle Literacy Circle Literacy Circle
10:30-11:00 Reading A-Z Books Journals Communication Circle  Journals Reading A-Z Books
11:00-11:25 Gym/ Physio Goals  Gym/ Physio Goals  Gym/ Physio Goals  Gym/ Physio Goals  Gym/ Physio Goals 
11:25-12:25 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:25-1:15 Music with Mrs M Music with Mrs M Music with Mrs M Music with Mrs M Music with Mrs M
1:15-1:30 Math Circle Math Circle Math Circle Math Circle Math Circle
1:30-2:00 Independent/ Small Group Math Work Independent/ Small Group Math Work Independent/ Small Group Math Work Independent/ Small Group Math Work Independent/ Small Group Math Work
2:00-2:50 Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology

Communication Circle: Activities based on AAC Language Labs or Circle of Friends lessons
PALS: The first 10 minutes of technology, some students are pulled to do the PALS program
Assessment: During technology time, students are pulled to assess IEP goals

Mr. Cadieux
Mr. Cadieux
Our students
Our students

What We Are Learning

Welcome to class 4. In September we were really excited to get to know each other. The support staff and I were really trying to get a reading of all of our friends so we will know how best to explore learning this year. We have explored some robotics this year already and we have started to look at shapes in math and have explored the days of the week, months and seasons of the year. We are very much excited to start the year off together and our class has a great group of personalities. 


Students learned that a lot of hockey players got really hurt and that to show we care and are thinking about them, we decorated hockey sticks for our classroom door and all wore jerseys.
Dr. Seuss Day!
Andrzej's mom shared his favourite story "The day the Crayon's Quit" with us. Thank you!
Vanessa's mom reading us a story - Thank you!!!
A huge thank you to Neder's sister for coming to read to our class on her PD day!
Our class won Class of the Week from Windsor's Country 95.9 we got a pizza party and got interviewed for the radio.
Thanks to Vanessa's dad for reading to our class!
A huge thank you to Brigid's mom for reading to our class.
Thank you to Neder's mom for reading a book to us!
iPads are a great tool for students to independently practice math and language skills.
Sorting real world 2D figures
Art with Mrs. Mac
Working on eating skills
Helping each other complete our IEP goals
Congratulations on passing level 14.
Morning Calendar Routine
Singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider
Each morning one student signs the entire class in. This helps us recognize the images in our classmates and learn their names.
Our fake snow was a fun sensory experience.
When the snow melted, we made our own out of baking soda and conditioner.
Some students are learning the preposition under. After reading the book Under, we placed the rooster under different things in our classroom.
Great walking! Look at her go!
Students love our gym time.
Building strong muscles in our legs.
We love playing chasing games in the gym - it is also an opportunity to practice the core words "stop" and "go."
Congratulations on your retirement Mrs. M. The staff and students at JMCC will miss you.
After exploring the snow, we learned the steps to build a snowman and then built our own.
When its too cold to play outside, we bring the snow inside.
In math, some students are learning the terms "hot" and "cold."
After touching the snow, we discussed if it was "hot" or "cold."
1:1 correspondence cards
Exploring different ways to make 5 with coloured counters.
Exploring snow.
Thank you to Caeser's Windsor for donating antlers to all of the students at JMCC!
Our class around the Christmas Tree :)
Family Services made a holiday themed photo booth
It's Santa!
Students had a lot of fun taking pictures in the photo booth
Even some parents joined in on the fun!
Students loved the variety of Holiday themed props.
Thank you to all of the families who donated winter wear to our Tree of Giving. Our class helped pack up all of the items and give them to the Salvation Army.
Reading a book and practicing core words with Mrs. Tracy
Practicing core words in both English and Arabic with Mrs. Maria
Getting excited as we prepare for the holidays in our classroom
After learning about patterns in math, several students added patterns to their gingerbread houses.
Once all of the students finished their gingerbread houses, we did a gallery walk.
Look what I made!
Students loved having their parents in our classroom
Look at these happy faces :)
Decorating gingerbread houses with our families
Exploring our facial features
Sorting by one attribute
Exploring the rain.
Making 5 in different ways. After we matched the coloured cubes to the picture, we counted them and figured out the 3 pink cubes and two green cubes is 5 cubes all together.
With practice and determination, look who can now independently put beads on wooden dowels.
A former JMCC student read us a book on his communication device.
Look who I ran into at the CP Holiday Train!
OT Time! We are practicing transferring wooden dowels from one hand to another.
Matching animals to their homes in Balanced Literacy
Our class got a sphero!
The students have enjoyed moving the sphero around the classroom.
Using guided access on the iPad helps us have better control over the sphero,
After a class vote, we named our sphero balloon.
Working with Mrs. Tracy
Making a jack-o-lantern
Trick or Treating
Our class put on the Remembrance Day assembly.
In November, we learned about soliders and how they fought for our freedom.
We learned the core word in and out and practiced them by putting our hands in and out of a pumpkin.
Before we put our hands in the pumpkin, we made predictions about if it would feel hot or cold.
Dressing up on Halloween is so much fun!
Halloween at JMCC was so much fun! We made a lot of Halloween crafts to decorate our classroom, handed out candy to the preschool kids and went trick or treating.
Our class on Halloween.
Decorating a pumpkin.
Counting from 1-10 using manipulatives.
Mr. Potoato Head with Mrs. M.
Making puffy ghosts to hang in our classroom for Halloween.
Enjoying a cupcake.
Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing cupcakes with your friends.
Lacing mummies combines an OT goal and a Halloween craft.
Check out this Lexia Core 5 Superstar!
Congratulations! Keep up the good work.
Learning about different types of families with Angela and Katie.
Listening to books in Arabic on Unite for Literacy
Learning quantity to 3.
Each morning the students wash their hands and face - goodbye germs!
Math time! Can you sort these blocks based on big and little?
1-1 Correspondence to 10.
In music, the students are learning to move their instruments at different speeds to make different sounds.
"Watch this! I don't even have to pick it up all the way to make music."
After reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, we worked on letter identification when given two choices. Mrs Laforet held up two letters in the alphabet and students tried to identify which letter was called out.
After reading the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, we painted palm trees and then stamped alphabet letters
Everyday two students get to hold our Canadian flags during O' Canada. Students request a turn orally, through gestures or using their devices.
We are learning to use our talkers to read Vantage modified books.
Exploring Play McGivney. The students love the new accessible playground.
A favourite OT activity. We also use to it reinforce core language such as "go," "stop," and "turn."
Mr. D brought in his two puppies Stella and Lucy.
The next day, Ms. Laforet printed off the students pictures with the puppies and they used their Minspeak devices and communication boards to write about their experience.
Look at the excitement on his face!
The students really enjoyed interacting with the puppies.
Music class with Mrs. M
Students love using their walkers in the gym.
Puzzles are a great way to enhance our fine motor skills.
After I took this picture, the tower fell down. "Can I see the picture so I can rebuild it?"
Mrs. Tracy is practicing the core word "go" using toys as a motivational tool with this student.
Building strong arms by pulling suction cups off the cabinet.
Dancing in the gym to "Baby, Baby."
This student loves gym time!
Look at that level of concentration as she practices her OT goals.
Reading "The Big Cat" to a small group of students in the classroom.
Working on the Lexia Core 5 reading program